2 februarie – 11 martie 2024

Call for Papers: The Fourth International Conference for Doctoral Students in Philosophy, Theme: Mirroring the Classics in the Contemporary Philosophical Thought

The Fourth International Conference for Doctoral Students in Philosophy tries to explore the dialog and interplay between the contemporary philosophical thought and the canonical texts that lay at the foundation of philosophy as a discipline. We invite PhD students to explore a series of questions related to this main topic: how did contemporary authors integrate main concepts and theories of the classical philosophers and how did they transgress the philosophical canon in their speculative endeavor? What are the perils and shortcomings or advantages and benefits of interpreting the past philosophical thought with the contemporary conceptual tools? How new philosophical branches sprung out from the interpretative tradition of classical texts? What new political, ethical, social and aesthetical phenomena the contemporary philosophy study and what role past practices played in their emergence? What heuristic and educational value do contemporary reconstructions of the philosophical thought have for understanding our present?

The Doctoral School of Philosophy from Babeș-Bolyai University invites submissions for the fourth installment of the International Conference for Doctoral Students in Philosophy that is going to take place on May 16-17, 2024. The event will be organized in a hybrid format. The conference is supported by three research centers of the Faculty of History and Philosophy: Center for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Center for Applied Philosophy and Department of Philosophy in Hungarian Language.

Official languages of the conference are: English, Romanian and Hungarian.

Abstracts should be up to 350 words, written in English and must contain the title of the contribution and a short description of the main topic, thesis, purpose and argumentative unfolding of the paper. The draft papers should be ready for blind review, no longer than 10 pages (text body: Times New Roman, at 12 points, justified, paragraph spacing at 1,5 lines), suitable for a 15-minute talk followed by 10 minutes Q&A.

Deadline for abstract submissions: 11th March 2024.
Communication of acceptance: 25th March 2024
Deadline for paper submission (only for accepted proposals): 29th April 2024.

For submissions, please send your work at vlad.ile@ubbcluj.ro, with the subject of the message PHILOSOPHY_2024. The author’s personal information (full name, affiliation, contact information, language of the presentation and attending method: online or on site) should be specified in the message and omitted from the attachment of the word document containing the abstract or draft paper.

Please feel free to get in touch with Ile Vlad, the secretary of the Doctoral School of Philosophy (vlad.ile@ubbcluj.ro), for any further questions you may have.