Global Security and Human Rights Policies

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Global Security and Human Rights Policies represent nowadays pillars in a developing globalizing world, where public agendas are shaped to protect individuals and citizens. Understanding and applying human rights has become a necessity in the activity of public affairs and corporate strategies. Our program assumes an active role in preparing specialists capable of evaluating and implementing policies related to human rights in a global security dynamic.  The master program intends to build a wide network with various stakeholders meant to ensure that the continuously growing concern for human rights will remain a primordial focus for the public agendas.

What will you study?
The master program proposes the inclusion of significant up to date disciplines, associated with the field of security and human rights policies, sustainable development, international law and international affairs, as a consequence of our dialogues with graduates from previous years who wanted to obtain specific skills in the field. This program is structured in 4 semesters of 30 transferable credits each, designed to be in the form of thematic packages:

● Disciplines in the field of security studies:
Introduction to Global Security Studies
International law
Fundamentals of human rights
Global Political Economy

● Disciplines in the field of conflict management and humanitarian intervention:
War and violent conflict in temporal perspective
Security, terrorism and counter-terrorism
Security governance in the context of global development
Peacekeeping and peacekeeping

● Specialized disciplines in the field of human rights:
States and organizations as actors for human rights
Interethnic relations
Human rights and global politics
The rights of migrants and refugees

● Disciplines in the field of sustainable development and organizational management:
Climate Change and International Security
Global strategy and sustainability
Crisis communication in international organizations
Mass media and digital culture

What skills will you acquire?

You will acquire essential theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of global security and human rights policies such as: how to implement new government policies or change the existing policies; building networking and develop international relations through communication techniques; drawing work reports and identifying emerging issues and crisis in the humanitarian field.

What career opportunities will you have?

The courses and skills training of this program have been adapted to the dynamics of labor market, especially in public institutions and international organizations, but also in the private sector, which are looking for qualified humanitarian advisors for the process of continuous improvement and expansion of their activity, strongly routed in human rights policies.