10 – 18 mai 2023

Blended Intensive Program: Practical knowledge in Philosophy: Affectivity, Skills and Knowing-How

Babes-Bolyai University Cluj, 10.5 - 18.5 2023

ERASMUS BIP-Workshop, a cooperation with the following universities:


Students will receive 3 ECTS (75 hours) for participating in the program. A reader will be provided.

Duration of the event in Cluj: May 10-18. Virtual component: 02.05.23-28.07.2023

Form: Lectures and seminars


The Workshop „Practical knowledge in Philosophy: Affectivity, Skills and Knowing How“ intends to highlight a kind of philosophy which, beyond its theoretical impulses, was born out of a need to react to immediate problems; before reflecting on complex structures of reality, it chooses rather to describe the concrete relationships with things and everyday life activities. It involves therefore practical knowledge - a type of knowledge that it is able to account for its own foundation and relate to a theoretical discourse. But in its core, practical knowledge remains a mystery of the body situated in the world. The irreducibility of practical knowledge puts the embodied agent in connection with the world and sheds light on its dimensions and coordinates.   

Themes of the lectures:
(in alphabetical order)
Francesco Cattaneo (Bologna): Heidegger and the Philosophy of the Useless
Sandro Gorgone (Messina): The Philosophy of Technology in the 19th Century/Acting in the System of Technology: Jacques Ellul
Giuliana Gregorio (Messina): gnóthi seautón/epiméleia heautóu: Michel Foucault and the two paths of western philosophy
Jan Halak (Olomouc): Phenomenology of Bodily Skill Acquisition
Alina Noveanu (Cluj): H.-G. Gadamer: The Problem of Practical Knowledge
Mihai Rusu, Adrian Ludusan, Ion Copoeru (Cluj): Skills - from practical modes of presentation to meshed architectures
Antonino Spinelli (Tübingen): Knowing how and the Nature of Things. Plato on techne
Elena Theodoropoulos (Aegean): Ways of practical philosophy: the experience of a threshold
Jaroslava Vydrová (Trnava): On creative process. Architect’s lessons for philosophy
Guest speaker (online):  Shaun Gallagher (Memphis and Wollongong), 05.06. 2023, TBA




List of papers to be discussed:
(in alphabetical order)
[to be completed]
Gadamer, Theory, Technology, Practice: The Task of The Science of Man, (Social Research, 44:3, 1977 Autumn, p .529) Truth and Method (transl. Weinheimer-Marshall, Lodon-New Yrk, 2004), The concept of experience /Erfahrung and the essence of hermeneutical experience pp. 340-355
S. Gallagher and S. Varga Meshed Architecture of Performance as a Model of Situated Cognition. Front. Psychol., 21 August 2020 Sec. Theoretical and Philosophical PsychologyVolume 11 - 2020 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.02140
Juhani Pallasmaa: The Thinking Hand. Existential and Embodied Wisdom (‎Wiley, 2009), Chapter 8: Theory and Life (pp. 140 – 149)
M. Merleau- Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception, 143-148
Carlotta Pavese, Practical representation (2020). In Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Skill and Expertise, Edited By Ellen Fridland, Carlotta Pavese, pp. 226-244.

Contact persons:
Alina Noveanu, e-mail: alina.noveanu@ubbcluj.ro
Ion Copoeru, e-mail: ion.copoeru@ubbcluj.ro
Simona Dombi (administrative Erasmus coordinator), e-mail: simona.dombi@ubbcluj.ro