17 august – 13 octombrie 2023

Call for Papers International Conference Migration Dynamics and New Trends in European (In)Security

International Conference Migration Dynamics and New Trends in European (In)Security, Tenth Edition, Cluj-Napoca, in person and via Zoom
October 25th -27th, 2023


The Tenth Edition of the International Conference Migration Dynamics and New Trends in European (In)Security, will cover two separate, but interconnected topics:  on one hand, the migration issues, involving topics related to societal security, identity(ies), minority issues, migration and refugees and on the other hand security studies.

Panel 1. Intelligence and European Governance for sustainable migration policies; This panel is designed to address the main issues and challenges related to international security and it integrates specific approaches of governance and intelligence.

Panel 2. Migration - (In)Security Nexus: International Migration and Security; The securitisation/ desecuritisation of migration is nothing new, but in the new international context, these issues became a priority.

Panel 3. Refugees – Economic, Societal and Social Challenges; This panel focuses on the geopolitics of migration, the challenges posed by the large number of refugees in Europe and the failure of multiculturalism in different EU member states.

•    Submission of abstracts in English: Until October, 13th, 2023. Please fill out the Registration form and send it to Migration Conference’s email: migrationconference2022@gmail.com
•    Presentation can be made either in English or French;
•    The conference panels will be held via live Zoom sessions and on site, at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca;
•    Notification of acceptance or rejection: October,16th, 2023.

Conference fee: No Conference fee.

•    The presented papers will benefit from publication in the 2023 Conference Volume   Migration Dynamics and New Trends in European (In)Security;
•    The articles will be evaluated by a scientific committee of the conference. The decision to include the papers in the Conference Volume belongs exclusively to the scientific committee who also reserve their right to reject any paper which does not correspond to the quality and format of the publication.
•    Papers should be sent to the conference email: migrationconference2022@gmail.com until January, 19th, 2024.

Contact: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee at migrationconference2022@gmail.com. Contact person: Lect. Claudia Anamaria Iov, PhD., claudia.iov@ubbcluj.ro