Şcoala doctorală RISS - Prezentare (Description)

Şcoala doctorală RISS - Prezentare (Description)


The PhD program in the fields of International Relations and European Studies, History and Sociology is offered by the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the “Babeș-Bolyai” University, ranked as a “type A” university in Romania and a leading educational institution in Eastern Europe due to its programs, the specializations it offers, and quality of its curricula. Our program represents the natural consolidation of our BA and MA programs in the field of security studies and international relations, bringing together a group of highly prepared professionals and well-known specialists. Their expertise and valuable work experience in International Relations, Security Studies, European Studies, History, Philosophy and Sociology enable our students to acquire professional training in these fields of research. The PhD program of International Relations and European Studies, Security Studies and History has adopted multiculturalism as a main direction of development. The program’s goal is to provide students with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of International Relations, Security Studies, Philosophy, History and Sociology, which are necessary in order to conduct groundbreaking research. The PhD program is designed to facilitate and strengthen the development of experienced graduates and professionals by expanding their knowledge and enabling them to make key leadership contributions to their competency fields.


Doctoral supervisors


European Union Governance, Theories of European Integration, National Minorities in International Relations.

Philosophy of the European Union.

European Integration, European Neighborhood Policy, EU Regional Policy Euroregional Studies.

International Relations, Holocaust history.

Middle East History, International Relations, Nuclear Security.

International Relations, Analysis of the Mass Media Discourse.

Comparative Politics, Political Parties and Party Systems, Legislative Behaviour, Direct Democracy and Authoritarian Regimes, Political Representation, Public Opinion, Political Institutions, Electoral Systems and Behaviour, Ethnic Minorities and their Representation, Central and Eastern European Politics.

Cold War history, History of International Relations, the Sino-Romanian political and diplomatic relations, the Romanian-Yugoslav political and diplomatic relations, the Romanian-Soviet political and diplomatic relations, Foreign Policy of the People’s Republic of China.

Modern and Contemporary History, Sociology of Culture and Education, Ethnic-Cultural Diversity, Elites history.

Social Science.

The Security of the Patrimony, Security studies (Romanian, English), Ancient history, Archeology, Numismatics, Conflict Management.

Interwar History and Literature.

History, Cultural history, Elites history.