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Biblioteca Augustiniana

„Biblioteca Augustiniană” (The Augustinian Library) is a collection of Polirom Publishing House from Iași which aims, in collaboration with the Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, the publication of a series of complete works by the philosopher and theologian Augustine of Hippo in Romanian. In this series were published:

Despre Treime (On the Trinity), coordinated by Alexander Baumgarten, translations by Monica Brînzei, Cristian Bejan, Alexander Baumgarten, Ioana Curuț, Andrei Marinca, Vlad Ile, Alexandra Baneu, Alexandra Anisie, Daniel Coman, ed. Polirom, Iași, 2022.

In preparation: Despre cetatea lui Dumnezeu (On the City of God). The volume is a subject of periodic meetings of the members of the Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and it will be the result of a collective translation by a team united in this effort.