Colloquia. Journal of Central European History. Volume XVIII, 2011


Cities on the Plain, Cities of the Hills: Settlement, Development and Function

István Petrovics, The Cities and Towns of Medieval Hungary as Economic and Cultural Centres and Places of Coexistence. The Case of Pécs • 5

Laurenţiu Rădvan, New Perspectives on the Process of Urbanization in Medieval Moldavia • 27

Mária Pakucs-Willcocks, "Alle die so jnn und kreiß der Mauren wonen werden hermanstaedter genannt": Neighbours and Neighbourhoods in Sixteenth-Century Sibiu • 51

Cathryn Rebecca Spence, ‘You've got "mail"': Women as Rentiers of Property in Seventeenth-Century Edinburgh • 68

Catherine Horel, Jewish Associations in the Multicultural Cities of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy around 1900 • 81



Urban History - Trends, Debates, Issues. Convened by Jaroslav Miller • 98


View Points

Ferdinand Oppl, Urban Culture - Cultural City. A Case-Study with Regard to Vienna • 120

Ger Duijzings, The Bucharest Urban Anthropology and Ethnography Workshop • 131

Ştefan Ghenciulescu, The House of the People and Matchboxes for People to Live In. Socialist Architecture in Romania after 1989: Perceptions, Transformations, Continuities • 150

Lidia Dobreytsina, Cultural Inheritance of Industrial Cities in Contemporary Russia: Problems and Perspectives • 162

Hajnalka Harbula, Access to Housing Rights in Romania: Exclusion, Restrictions, Modular Houses and Walls • 170



Vera Bácskai

Judit Pál, Vera Bácskai, ‘Grande Dame' of Central European Urban History • 175

"Wouldn't it be Better for Me to Enroll in the Mathematics Department?" - Interview with the Historian Vera Bácskai Convened by Judit Pál • 186


Source Book

Klára Jakó, Aspects of the Hungarian Correspondence of Wallachian and Moldavian Voivodes in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century • 196


Symposia • 212

Book Reviews • 238

In Memoriam

Anca Bratu-Minott (May 11th 1952 - January 3rd 2011) • 284

List of Authors • 285