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3901Articolx-mck1.1McKie, John R.The Persusasiveness of Zeno's Paradoxesda
3902Articolx-bri2.1Brill, AlanThe phenomenology of true dreams in Maimonidesda
3903CarteMEL3.1Melamed, AvrahamThe Philosopher-King in Medieval and Renaissance Jewish Thoughtda
3904CarteSCH4.1Schafer, ChristianThe Philosophy of Dionysius the Areopagiteda
3905CarteJAB1.1Jaboulet-Vercherre, AzelinaThe physician, the Drinker, and the Drunkda
3906ArticolX-kli1.1Klibansky, RaymondThe Platonic traditionda
3907ArticolX-che1.1 Chenu, M.D. The platonism of the twelfth century (chapter)da
3908CarteWAR2.1Warren, JamesThe pleasures of reason in Plato, Aristotle, and the Hellenistic hedonistsda
3909CarteALF1.1.2AlfarabiThe Political Writings: "Political Regime" and "Summary of Plato`s Laws" (vol. 2)da
3910CarteALF1.1.1AlfarabiThe Political Writings: "Selected Aphorisms" and Other Texts (vol. 1)da
3911CarteGOO1.2Goodenough, Erwin R.THE POLITICS OF PHILO JUDAEUS. Practice and Theoryda
3912CarteCLA5.2Classen, AlbrechtThe power of a woman's voice in medieval and early modern literaturesda
3913Articolx-buc1.1Bucks, Gertrude The Present Status of Rhetorical Theoryda
3914CarteKIR1.1Kirk, G.S.; Raven, J.E.The Presocratic Philosophersda
3915CartePIN3.1Pinzani, RobertoThe problem of universals from Boethius to John of Salisburyda
3916Articolx-caj1.10Cajori, Florian The Purpose of Zeno's Arguments on Motionda
3917Articolx-sch5.21Chris SchabelThe Quaestiones Libri Physicorum by Franciscus Marbres (alias Johannes Canonicus). Part I: Author, Text and Receptionda
3918ArticolX-sch5.11Schabel C.The Quodlibeta of Peter of Auvergneda
3919CarteHOL2.1Hölscher, LudgerThe reality of the mind : Augustine's philosophical arguments for the human soul as a spiritual substanceda
3920CarteHOL2.1#2Hölscher, LudgerThe reality of the mind : Augustine's philosophical arguments for the human soul as a spiritual substanceda
3921ArticolX-sch5.18Schabel C.The Redactions of Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Book 3 of the sentencesda
3922Articolx-klo1.3 Klosko, GeorgeThe Refutation of Callicles in Plato's 'Gorgias"da
3923CarteORA1.1Oram, Richard D. The reign of Alexander II, 1214-49da
3924ArticolX-sho1.1Shogimen, Takashi The Relationship between Theology and Canon Law: Another Context of Political Tought in the Early Fourteenth Centuryda
3925CarteQUI4.1Quinones, Ricardo J.The Renaissance discovery of timeda
3926ArticolX-thi1.2Thijssen, J. M. M. H. The response to Thomas Aquinas in the early fourteenth century: eternity and infinity in the works of Henry of Harclay, Thomas of Wilton and William of Alnwick O. F. M.da
3927ArticolX-dro1.1Dronke, PeterThe Return of Eurydiceda
3928ArticolX-yol1.1 Yolles, JulianThe rhethoric of simplicity: faith and rethoric in Peter Damianda
3929CarteBRI2.4Brînzei, Monica (ed.)The rise of an academic elite : deans, masters, and scribes at the University of Vienna before 1400da
3930Articolx-fer3.1Ferrois, Jose The Road to Modern Logic-An Interpretationda
3931CarteOZO1.1Ożóg, KrzysztofThe Role of Poland in the Intellectual Development of Europe in the Middle Agesda
3932CarteBEN1.3Sf. BenedictThe Rule of Saint Benedictda
3933Articolx-wil1.1Wilcox, Stanley The Scope of Early Rhetorical Instructionda
3934CarteCHR2.1Blumenfeld-Kosinski, RenateThe selected writings of Christine de Pizanda
3935CarteLOM1.4.1Peter LombardThe Sentences, book 1: The mystery of the Trinityda
3936CarteHES1.2.2HesiodThe Shield. Catalogue of Women. Other Fragmentsda
3937CarteSCH15.1Schrader, DylanThe Shortcut to Scholastic Latinnu
3938Articolx-vla1.3Vlastos, Gregory The Socratic Elenchusda
3939Articolx-qua1.1Quan, Stanislaus The solution of Zeno's first paradoxda
3940ArticolX-wal3.1Wallis, R. T. The Spiritual Importance of Not Knowingda
3941CarteROS1.1Rosemann, Philipp W.The Story of a Great Medieval Book. Peter Lombard's Sentencesda
3942CarteGRA6.1.1Graham, W. Daniel (ed.)The texts of early Greek philosophy : the complete fragments and selected testimonies of the major Presocratics. Part Ida
3943CarteGRA6.1.2Graham, W. Daniel (ed.)The texts of early Greek philosophy : the complete fragments and selected testimonies of the major Presocratics. Part IIda
3944Articolx-gri2.1Grijs, F. J. A. deThe Thelogical Caracter of Aquinos De aeternitate mundida
3945CarteSEG3.1Segal, Charles The theme of the mutilation of the corpse in the Iliadda
3946Articolx-fei1.1 Feibleman, James K. The Therapy of the Dialecticda
3947CarteEUC1.4EuclidThe thirteen books of Euclid's elements ; the works of Archimedes, including The Methods ; On conic sectionsda
3948CarteMOR4.1Mora-Marquez, Ana María The Thirteenth-Century Notion of Signification. The Discussions and their Origin and Developmentda
3949CarteBOE3.1Boehner, Philotheus (ed.)The Tractatus de Succesivisda
3950CarteWOL1.1Wolter, Allan B.The transcedentals and their function in the metaphysics of Duns Scotusda
3951Articolx-gra3.1Grant, EdwardThe translation of Greek an Arabic Science into Latinda
3952ArticolX-pap1.1Papahagi, A.The Transmition of Boethius' "de Consolatione Philosophiae" in the Carolingian Ageda
3953CarteWIT1.1Witt, Ronald G. The Two Latin Cultures and the Foundation of Renaissance Humanism in Medieval Italynu
3954CarteRAS2.1.1Rashdall, HastingsThe universities of Europe in the Middle Ages vol Ida
3955CarteRAS2.1.2Rashdall, HastingsThe universities of Europe in the Middle Ages vol IIda
3956CarteRAS2.1.3Rashdall, HastingsThe universities of Europe in the Middle Ages vol IIIda
3957CarteTEE1.1Teeuwen, MarikenThe vocabulary of intellectual life in the Middle Agesda
3958CarteADA4.1Adams, J. N.The vulgar Latin of the letters of Claudius Terentianusda
3959CarteWAD1.1Waddell, HelenThe Wandering Scholarsda
3960CarteOAK1.1John H. Oakley andd Rebecca H. SinosThe Wedding in Ancient Athensnu
3961CarteSHI1.1Shimizu, T., Burnett, Ch. (eds.)The Word in Medieval Logic, Theology and Psychology, Acts SIEPM Kyotoda
3962CarteCAM1.1Richard of Campsall (author) ; Synan, Edward A. (ed.)The Works of Richard of Campsall. Vol. I. Questiones super Librum Priorum Analeticorumda
3963CarteHAB1.1Habinek, ThomasThe world of Roman song : from ritualized speech to social orderda
3964CarteTHO3.1Thomson, S. HarrisonThe writings of Robert Grossetesteda
3965CarteTHE6.1Actes du Colloque de StrasbourgTheatre Et Spectacles Dans L'Antiquiteda
3966CarteGRE6.1Green, J. R.Theatre in ancient Greek societyda
3967CarteTWNT1Kittel, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 1da
3968CarteTWNT2Kittel, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 2da
3969CarteTWNT3Kittel, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 3da
3970CarteTWNT4Kittel, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 4da
3971CarteTWNT5Friedrich, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 5da
3972CarteTWNT6Friedrich, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 6da
3973CarteTWNT7Friedrich, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 7da
3974CarteTWNT8Friedrich, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 8da
3975CarteTWNT9Friedrich, GerhardThelogisches Worterbuch zum Neuen Testament 9da
3976ArticolX-blu1.2Blumenthal, Henry J.Themistius: the last Peripatetic commentatator on Aristotle?da
3977CarteTHE8.1Theodoretus CyrensisTheodoreti Graecarum affectionum curatioda
3978CartePRO4.1Theodorus ProdromusTheodori Prodromi Catomyomachiada
3979CarteHES1.2.1HesiodTheogony, Works and Days, Testimoniada
3980CarteFIC1.2.2Ficinus, MarsiliusTheologia platonica de immortalitate animorum (V - VIII)da
3981CarteFIC1.2.4Ficinus, MarsiliusTheologia platonica de immortalitate animorum (XII - XIV)da
3982CarteFIC1.2.6Ficinus, MarsiliusTheologia platonica de immortalitate animorum (XVII - XVIII)da
3983CarteABE1.3Abelard, PierreTheologia Scholariumda
3984CartePSE1.2.1Michael PsellusTheologica vol.1 (ed. Gautier)da
3985CarteSCH5.2Schabel, Christopher (ed.)Theological Quodlibeta in the Middle Ages. The Fourteenth Century.da
3986CarteNIE1.1Niederbacher, Bruno; Leibold, Gerhard (Hg.)Theologie als Wissenschaft in Mittelalterda
3987CartePEP1.1Pepin, Jean Theologie cosmique et theologie chrettienne (Ambroise, Exam. I, 1-4)da
3988CarteLEM1.1Lemoine, Michel; Picard-Parra, Clotilde (trad.)Théologie et cosmologie au XIIe siècle. L'Ecole de Chartresnu
3989CarteTRO1.3Trottmann, ChristianTheologie et noetique au XIIIe siecleda
3990CartePRO1.9.1ProclusTheologie platonicienne, I, ed. Saffrey-Westerinkda
3991CartePRO1.9.2ProclusTheologie platonicienne, II, ed. Saffrey-Westerinkda
3992CartePRO1.9.4ProclusTheologie platonicienne, IV, ed. Saffrey-Westerinkda
3993CarteBOU10.1Alain BoureauTheologie, science et censure au XIIIe sieccle. Le cas de Jean Peckhamda
3994ArticolX-ven1.1Joachim VennebuschTheologische Disputationen an der Universitat Koln (1421-1428)da
3995CarteFUN1.2Funkenstein, AmosTheology and the scientific imagination from the Middle Ages to the seventeenth centuryda
3996CarteSCH5.1Schabel, ChristopherTheology at Paris 1316-1345, Peter Auriol and the Problem of divine foreknowledge and future contingentsnu
3997CarteMAR16.37Maritain, JacquesTheonasda
3998CarteTHE7.1Theophylactus SimocattaTheophylacti Simocattae Historiaeda
3999CarteAEG1.2Aegidius de RomaTheoremata de esse et essentiada
4000CartePER2.1Perler, DominikThéories de l'intentionalité au moyen âgenu