Cota: BRI2.4
Autor: Brînzei, Monica (ed.)
Titlu: The rise of an academic elite : deans, masters, and scribes at the University of Vienna before 1400
Editura: Brepols
Loc: Turnhout
An: 2022
Descriere: Studia sententiarum ; volume 6
Introduction – Monica BRÎNZEI


Adinel C. DINCĂ – Henry of Rheinfelden (†1433) The Identity of a Scribe
Nadège CORBIÈRE – Henry of Rheinfelden’s Collection of Quaestiones on Peter of Lombard Sentences in Basel, Univesitätsbibliothek, A IX 92
Aurora PANZICA – Une tentative de réductionnisme au Moyen Âge: la philosophie naturelle d’Henri de Langenstein, de Paris à Vienne
Luciana CIOCA – The Parisian Background of Henry of Langenstein Through the Case of John of Calore’s Vesperies
Harald BERGER – Henry Totting of Oyta and his Quaestiones Sententiarum
Andrei MARINCA – Stretching the Great Chain of Being: Stephen of Enzersdorf on the Latitude of Creatures
Mihai MAGA – A Law Professor Discussing a Theological Question in Vienna: Gerhard Vischpekch of Osnabrück on Peter Lombard’s Sentences, Book 4, Dist. 18
Alexandra BANEU – Paul of Geldern – A Portrait of the Parisian artista as a Viennese Theologian
Chris SCHABEL – Andrew of Langenstein (ca 1362–1399†) and His Question on Human Freedom from a Disputatio Aularis
Monica BRÎNZEI – Discovering Rutger Dole of Roermond (†1409) via Henry of Rheinfelden’s Collection of Notes
Monica BRÎNZEI – Notes on Magister John of Russbach (†1417) With an Update of Paul Uiblein’s Survey and Some Discoveries
Matteo ESU – Pedagogical Practices at the University in Vienna: New Textual Evidence on Nicholas de Dinkelsbühl’s Theological Training
Edit Anna LUKÁCS and Daniel COMAN – Thomas of Cleves on the Universal Force of Charity
Lavinia GRIJAC and Alexander BAUMGARTEN – Quelibet creatura est creativa. Traces of Peter Schad de Walse’s Theological Debates in Vienna at the End of the 14th Century 
Alexandra BANEU – Leonard of Dorffen’s Question about Lucifer’s Sin
Monica BRÎNZEI – Nicholas of Anaskilch or Nicholas of Hönhartzkirchen (†1400) on Angelic Cognition
Ioana CURUŢ – John Berwart of Villingen: Witness of Henry of Langenstein and the Viennese Opinio Communis on Predestination
Daniel COMAN – Grace Meets Free Will Ruling in a Regal Government: Magister Michael Suchenschatz on Grace and Free Will
Monica BRÎNZEI – Rectors and Deans as Scribes at the Medieval University from Vienna

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An înregistrare: 2022
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