Colloquia. Journal of Central European History. Volume XVII, 2010


Regional, Religious, ethnic and National Identities in East Central Europe

Jan Stejskal, Pereo Monastery and the Central European Mission

Andor Mészáros, "I wonder where did come from this famous Hungarian..." National Identity of the Czechs Living in the Hungarian Capital at the Time of Dualism

Róbert Nagy, Interregional Migration and Industrialization: Identities of Workers from Cluj/Kolozsvár and Jiu/Zsil-Valley Urban Communities (1896-1939)

Attila Illés Pál, The Cornerstones of Polish Culture and National Identity

Marcin Galent and Paweł Kubicki, Polish National Identity: From Ethnic to Civic Model. The Role of Urban Culture

Anca Gogîltan, National Landscape and Agrarianism in the Romanian Painting at the End of the Nineteenth and in the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Maria Stoicheva, Maya Tsaneva, Katerina Guenova and Konstantina Vasileva, National Differences in Citizens' Talk about Europe. The Case of Bulgaria

Oldřich Břenek, The Austrian National Language Variety in the Framework of the European Union. The Ratification of Protocol No. 10 and its Role in Practice


 View Points

Andrei Marga, Identities and Correlation of Identities

Valbona Karakaçi, The Culture, a Safe Journey in Global Times (A Multicultural and Intercultural Approach)



Robert J.W. Evans

Graeme Murdock, ‘The Making of the Habsburg Monarchy: A Review Article'

Interview with Professor Robert Evans. Interview conducted by Elaine Fulton, 6 August 2010



Book Reviews