Interview with Oana Marcu, initiated by Catrinel Crăciun

The interview with Oana Marcu, a researcher who studied Psychology (BA) and Anthropology (MA) at the "Babeş- Bolyai" University of Cluj, Romania and is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy focuses on Rroma migration to Italy and the effects of modernization on this group, as well as social inequality, both in immigration and emigration countries. The interview touches upon research methodologies, state policies in dealing with these migrant groups, shifts from the "integration" metaphor to the "security" or "emergency" metaphor, the evolution of legislation concerning Rroma and "nomads", the role of NGOs in integrating Rroma groups, the relationship between research and good practices in public policies, the development of ethnic identities within these groups, the breakdown of traditional gender roles triggered by modernization and even the role of religion in eroding traditional ways of life.