Conversions in Early Modern Europe. Initiated by Martin Elbel

This discussion convened by Martin Elbel is focused on the process of conversion in early modern Europe. Bringing together scholars from various institutions in Europe and north America such as Alexandra Walsham, Ronnie Po-chia Hsia, Regina Pörtner, Kim Siebenhüner, Jörg Deventer, Keith Luria, Ute Lotz-Heumann, the discussion touched upon several topics such as recent approach to conversion, the contribution of the confessionalization paradigm to research on conversion, similarities and differences in various types of conversion (to Catholicism, Lutheranism or Calvinism and even to Christianity), top-down approach to the process versus a study of conversion from below, the disciplines that have helped historians refine their understanding of conversion, methodological issues, sources for the study of conversion, challenges and directions of future research. The discussion with scholars who have written extensively on conversion or who currently have research topics which touch upon this phenomenon provides a useful overview of the field.