The Political Elite from Transylvania (1867-1918)

Research project financed by CNCS-UEFISCDI through the research grant PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0040

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One of our project’s aims was to build and offer to the scientific community an open source database including as much information as possible on the members of the political elite from Transylvania and Eastern Hungary within the 1867-1918 time lapse. At the end of the project’s first year we’ve came to the point in which a set of large partial databases, including the MPs names, political orientation and represented colleges are available to those interested.
Use the following links, or the navigation bar above, to access both the geographical- and alphabetical-structured databases. We also wish to underline the presence of the site’s flash maps section, allowing the user a much interactive approach.
Due to the differences in electoral geography between Transylvania and Hungary before 1876, and to the changes brought by the administrative reform of that year, for the time being, the geographical databases follow the evolution of the county structure. A unitary database, including a much wider set of information, will be available, most probably, in winter 2013. Until then, the database content and the flash maps section will be constantly updated, thus we advice the interested users to check the website for the latest versions.
The information used in compiling the databases came mainly from the following sources:
- Official records (Magyarország tiszti cím- és névtára, 1873-1918)
- Time’s press (Magyar Polgár, Concordia, Gazeta Transilvaniei)
- Parliamentary Almanacs
- Monographs (Adalbert Toth,  Parteien und Reichstagswahlen in Ungarn 1848-1892, München, 1973; Gabriella Ilonszki, Képviselők és képviselet Magyarországon a 19. és 20. Században, Budapest, 2009).
Due to the lack of information or errors identified in various sources, an overall verification of the database information, using the official Hungarian Parliament records and yearly directories is in progress. Thus, the interested reader should be made aware that the databases constitute a work-in-progress and the information they contain can be subject to changes if future research will unveil new data.