The Political Elite from Transylvania (1867-1918)

Research project financed by CNCS-UEFISCDI through the research grant PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0040

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Welcome to our project’s home page!

Our project’s main goal is to study the political elite from Transylvania (between 1867-1918) - a term which encompasses:

- the entire body of representatives from the Hungarian Parliament (MPs) elected in the collegiums of Transylvania, Banat and the Western Parts;

- the high administrative servants (Lord-Lieutenants, Vice-Lieutenants);

- the politically-involved ecclesiastical elite and the counter candidates who lost the elections.

The project’s aims:

- to catalogue the aforementioned political elite, which will serve as the object of serial analyses;

- to identify elite political networks, behaviours and group strategies;

- to perform an analysis of their political discourse.  

The Hungarian Parliament

The Old Hungarian Parliament