Early stage researchers

The young researchers will be actively committed in the development of the project through organizatory tasks, research on proposed themes and contributions at the study volumes. The PhD candidates will have the opportunity to use the material base and bibliographic one, accumulated through the project, to prepare their thesis or exams, which all are in Ancient, Medieval and Modern philosophy field. The master students will be guided toward the study of medieval philosophy and adjacent themes to fully fructify the resources. The young researchers will develop study activity in the project (editing, circulation of texts between the members, organization of the library) and scientific activities (translations and bibliographic lists) and will be paid conform the legislation.

Part from our team are Dr. Adela Cimpean (Pop-Cimpean) and PhD. Laura Ilinescu occupying positions of early stage researchers. For more information about their scientific work, please see: Team, members presentation.

Thomistic News
The volume Studii tomiste II

coord. Andrei Bereschi,

Zeta Books, Bucharest, 2010, ISBN 978-973-1997-93-3
The volume Studii tomiste I

coord. Alexander Baumgarten,

Eikon, Cluj-Napoca, 2009, ISBN 978-973-757-248-6
Colloquium Thomas Aquinas and the Medieval Philosophical Teminology System

organised in Bucharest by the Romanian Phenomenology Society - Casa Lovinescu, October 28-31, 2010

Participants: Alexander Baumgarten, Laura Ilinescu, Andrei Bereschi
Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologica, volume 1

May, 2009

The first volume of Summa theologica in Romanian was released.
For more details please visit the publisher's website: polirom.ro
Colloquium Summa theologica in Romanian language. Scholastic updates.

May 22, 2009, New Europe College, Bucharest

NEC-Link Program
Coordinator: Alexandru Baumgarten
Participants: Anton Adamut, Alexander Baumgarten, Gabriel Chindea, Wilhelm Danca, Iovan Drehe, Gereby Gyorgy, Abelardo Lobato, Eliana Maci, Mihai Maci, Mihai Maga, Madalina Pantea, Bogdan Tataru Cazaban, Alexandru Tofan, Ioana Toma.