For the first time in the Romanian cultural horizon, this project has as a major objective the translation, the comment and the reevaluation of Summa theologiae by Thomas Aquinas, from a philosophical and a theological point of view. As an important fundament of European medieval culture and as a thesaurus of the humanistic legacy, this work has influenced the problems of theology and of modern philosophy. Such a kind of work needs various skills by bringing together the specialist in classical philology with the one in medieval history, the philosopher with the theologian.

The teamwork within the center of ancient and medieval philosophy (recognized by CNCSIS in 2006), the research seminars, documentation periods at the thomistical international centers, the collaborations with members of the leonine commission for the translation of the thomist work, the comment of the text, the confrontation of the standard edition with the novel manuscript of the 13th century, conserved in Romania, the editing of three volumes with thomistical studies assures the circumstances of such project.

The translation and its research in Romanian, under the supervision of qualified specialists in philosophy, theology and classical languages represents a reevaluation and a systematization of philosophical-theological Romanian terminology, a recovery of the medieval foundations of the modern culture, a renewal of the discussions on the impact of Greek philosophy over the principal theses of western theology and over the modern science birth and a joining of Romanian research with western tradition in medieval studies.

The important and universal state of this project consists in an underlining action and a maturation of reception capacity of Romanian culture regarding European modernity foundations through an assimilation of the problems which grounds this modernity in the medieval culture.

Thomistic News
The volume Studii tomiste II

coord. Andrei Bereschi,

Zeta Books, Bucharest, 2010, ISBN 978-973-1997-93-3
The volume Studii tomiste I

coord. Alexander Baumgarten,

Eikon, Cluj-Napoca, 2009, ISBN 978-973-757-248-6
Colloquium Thomas Aquinas and the Medieval Philosophical Teminology System

organised in Bucharest by the Romanian Phenomenology Society - Casa Lovinescu, October 28-31, 2010

Participants: Alexander Baumgarten, Laura Ilinescu, Andrei Bereschi
Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologica, volume 1

May, 2009

The first volume of Summa theologica in Romanian was released.
For more details please visit the publisher's website:
Colloquium Summa theologica in Romanian language. Scholastic updates.

May 22, 2009, New Europe College, Bucharest

NEC-Link Program
Coordinator: Alexandru Baumgarten
Participants: Anton Adamut, Alexander Baumgarten, Gabriel Chindea, Wilhelm Danca, Iovan Drehe, Gereby Gyorgy, Abelardo Lobato, Eliana Maci, Mihai Maci, Mihai Maga, Madalina Pantea, Bogdan Tataru Cazaban, Alexandru Tofan, Ioana Toma.