The Philosophy Seminar in Valea Lapusului, Romania

July 10–17, 2019

The seminar is planned to take place in July 10–17, 2019 and this is its 24th edition. Primary, it is organised as a summer camp for students and teachers and an attempt to combine a free way of living close to nature with philosophical and cultural debates and conferences. We, the organizers, are specialized in ancient and medieval philosophy, but we welcome any person who is intrested in philosophy and other connected fields because the purpose of this summer school is to ease sharing of ideas and to strengthen the sense of intellectual community. We just need a proposal for a paper to organize our program and to inform other participants, so it can be just a title and 5-10 lines about the subject.

Regarding the accomodation, freedom and nature take their parts, because there is not much we can offer, neither we ask for something. We have chosen this place because it is far enough from civilisation, and as a consequence, there is no electricity, gas, data connection or running water there (however, there is plenty of spring water to drink and wash and the river to take a bath). The participants are supposed to provide their own accomodation equipment, including a tent (or to make an arrangement with another participants to make shure that they have where to sleep) and daily supplies of food (which can be bought from the village which is at half an hour of walking, or from the little town of Targu Lapus, which is at about 7 km distance from our camp). We expect 15-30 participants this year, including some professors from the Babes-Bolyai University.


For further details, please contact:
Alexander Baumgarten (Phone: +40-746770615, E-mail:
Mihai Maga (Phone: +40-722855933, E-mail:
P.O. Address:

Babes-Bolyai University,
Centrul de Filosofie Antica si Medievala,
1 Kogalniceanu Str.,
400084 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
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