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2141MS1.24***Mediaeval Studiesda
2142MS1.25***Mediaeval Studiesda
2143MS1.55***Mediaeval Studiesda
2144MS1.58***Mediaeval Studiesda
2145MS1.42***Mediaeval Studiesda
2146MS1.43***Mediaeval Studiesda
2147MS1.45***Mediaeval Studiesda
2148MS1.46***Mediaeval Studiesda
2149MS1.47***Mediaeval Studiesda
2150MS1.48***Mediaeval Studiesda
2151MS1.49***Mediaeval Studiesda
2152MS1.51***Mediaeval Studiesda
2153MS1.52***Mediaeval Studiesda
2154MS1.53***Mediaeval Studiesda
2155MS1.54***Mediaeval Studiesda
2156MS1.56***Mediaeval Studiesda
2157MS1.57***Mediaeval Studiesda
2158MS1.62***Mediaeval Studiesda
2159MS1.63***Mediaeval Studiesda
2160MS1.64***Mediaeval Studiesda
2161MS1.68***Mediaeval Studiesda
2162MS1.26***Mediaeval Studiesda
2163MS1.27***Mediaeval Studiesda
2164MS1.28***Mediaeval Studiesda
2165MS1.29***Mediaeval Studiesda
2166MS1.30***Mediaeval Studiesda
2167MS2.1#1***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2168MS2.1#2***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2169MS2.2***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2170MS2.3***Mediaeval Studies.: general indexda
2171MUD1.1Mudry, PhilippeMedicina, soror philosophiaeda
2172BAK1.1Patricia A. Baker, Han Nijdam, Karine van `t LandMedicine and Space. Body, Surroundings and Borders in Antiquity and the Middle Agesda
2173TUR2.1Turner, Wendy J.; Butler,Sara M.;Medicine and the Law in the Middle Agesda
2174DUH1.2Duhem, Pierre; Arrew, Roger (ed.)Medieval Cosmology. Theories of infinity, place, time, void, and the plurality of worldsda
2175DAL1.1Dales, Richard C.Medieval discussions of the eternity of the worldda
2176MedEn24          Medieval Encountersda
2177SZP1.1Ryan SzpiechMedieval Exegesis and Religious Difference. Commentary, Conflict and Community in the Premodern Mediterraneanda
2178HEN5.1Henry, D. P.Medieval Logic and Metaphysics. A Modern Introductionda
2179BAL4.1Băltuţă, Elena (ed.)Medieval Perceptual Puzzles. Theories of Sense Perception in the 13th and 14th Centuriesda
2180MAU1.1Maurer, Armand A.Medieval Philosophy da
2181COP2.4Copleston, FrederickMedieval Philosophyda
2182AER1.5Aertsen, Jan Medieval Philosophy and the transcendentals. The case of Thomas Aquinasda
2183AER1.4Aertsen, Jan. A.Medieval Philosophy as Transcendental Thought, from Philip the Cancellor (ca.1225) to Francisco Suarezda
2184KON1.4König-Pralong, CatherineMédiévisme philosophique et raison moderne. De Pierre Bayle à Ernest Renanda
2185BRI1.1Briguglia, Gianluca (ed)Medioevo in discussione. Temi, problemi, interpretazioni del pensiero medievaleda
2186HUG1.5Hugo din Saint-VictorMeditatii spiritualeda
2187CLA5.1Classen, Albrecht (ed.)Meeting the Foreign in the Middle Agesda
2188ECK3.1Meister EckhartMeister Eckhart: a modern translationda
2189~A.XV/57***Melanges de l'Universite Saint-Josephda
2190MEL2.1          Melanges de Philosophie, de Literature et d'Histoire Ancienne Offerts a Pierre Boyanceda