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501X-ste2.1Steenberghen, Fernand vanProlegomenes a la <<quarta via>>da
502x-ste2.2 Steenberghen, Fernand VanLe <<De quindecim problematibus>> d'Albert le Grandda
503X-ste2.3 Steenberghen, Fernand VanAlbert le Grand et l'Aristotelismeda
504X-sto1.1 Stocks, J.L. Σxολhda
505x-sto2.1Stone, Martin W F.Moral Psychology afer 1277: Did the Parisian Condemnation Make a Difference to Philosophical Discussions of Human Agency?da
506X-str1.1Strauss LeoHow to Study Medieval Philosophyda
507X-str2.1Street, Tony Avicenna and Tusi on the Contradiciton and Conversion of the Absoluteda
508x-swe1.1Swenson, David F. The Logical Significance of the Paradoxes of Zenoda
509X-swi1.1 Swiezawski, St.Les intentions premieres et les intentions secondes chez Jean Duns Scotda
510X-tam1.1 Tambrun, Brigitte Byzance,Platon et les platoniciensnu