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361X-rin1.1Rini, AdrianeHupo in the Prior Analytics: a note on Disamis XLLda
362X-rob2.1Robiglio, AndreaBreaking the Great Chain of Being: a note on the Paris condemnations of 1277, Thomas Aquinas and the proper subject of metaphysicsda
363X-ros1.1Rosen, StanleyUn futur anterieurda
364X-ror1.1Rorty, RichardQuatre manieres d'ecrire l'histoire de la philosophieda
365X-reh1.1Rehn, RudolfQuomodo tempus sit?da
366X-rut1.1Rutten, ChristianLa doctrine des deux actes dans la philosophie de Plotinda
367X-yol1.2Yolles, Julian Rethinking Abelardda
368X-yol1.1 Yolles, JulianThe rhethoric of simplicity: faith and rethoric in Peter Damianda
369X-moo1.1Moonan, LawrenceImpossibility and Peter Damianda
370X-gas1.1Gaskin, Richard Peter Damian on Divine power and the contingency of the pastda
371x-bar1.3Barnes, Jonathan The Law of Contradictionda
372X-end1.1Endres, Joseph AntonPetrus Damiani Und Die Weltliche Wissenschaftda
373x-cor4.2Corcoran, JohnConceptual Structure of Classical Logicda
374X-cou4.1Courtenay, William J. John of Mirecourt and Gregory of Rimini on whether God can undo the past nu
375X-rud1.1 Rudavsky, T. M. Divine Omniscience and Future Contingents in Gersonidesda
376x-mat1.1Mates, Benson Stoic Logic and the Text of Sextus Empiricusda
377x-gea1.1 Geach, Peter ThomasSubject and Predicateda
378x-bai1.1 Bailey, Alan Pyrronhean Sceptcism and the Self-Refutation Argumentda
379X-tam1.1 Tambrun, Brigitte Byzance,Platon et les platoniciensnu
380x-ber1.1Berti, EnricoAncient Greek Dialectic as Expression of Freedom of Thought and Speechda
381X-sho1.1Shogimen, Takashi The Relationship between Theology and Canon Law: Another Context of Political Tought in the Early Fourteenth Centuryda
382X-tay1.2 Taylor, Richard C. Aquinas, the Plotiniana Arabica, and the Metaphysics of Being and Actualityda
383x-bow1.1Bowie, E.L. Greeks and their Past in the Second Sophisticda
384X-tay1.1 Taylor, Richard C. St. Thomas and the Liber de Causis on the hylomorphic composition of separate substancesda
385X-tar1.1Tartler MargaretaUtopia insingurarii in Evul Mediu arabda