These workshops are co-organized by graduate working groups from University of Leipzig’s Institut für Kulturwissenschaften and Colorado State University’s LEAP Institute for the Arts.

Workshops outline

Poster AM Workstream

Venue: Spaţiu INTACT, Fabrica de Pensule din Cluj, 59-61 Henri Barbusse street, 2nd floor.

Arts Management Research: AM1 Framing the Future

Anyone involved in the field of arts/cultural management whether as practitioner, educator, researcher, or student is well aware that research in this area has barely scratched the surface of available topics. We are also challenged by disputes about what we need to know in this field, how it should be studied, the relationship between research and practice and research and pedagogy. How will the future of arts management be framed? Can we anticipate the future needs of the field unless we have a handle on the past and the present? What is the role of arts management research in answering these and other significant questions about the development of the field?

The aim of this workshop is to initiate meaningful discussions among those interested in arts management research. Whether your focus is in doing arts management research, publishing your results, benefiting from research in arts management practice, or teaching, we invite you to take part in our workshop. What will result from our focused discussions? Collaboration? Research ideas? Exchanging information about research opportunities? Laying plans for a future conference or symposium? Take part in the process along with other arts management research colleagues and help us forge ideas for the future. While we intend this workshop to be an open forum, participants are encouraged to submit resumes of discussion ideas, synopses of current work and future work, proposals for collaboration, and short reflections on the state of the field.

Key words: Arts management research, arts management practice.

Contact Information:
Working Group Arts Leadership Dynamics
LEAP Institute for the Arts
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80421 USA
Tel 1.970.491.3902

Perspectives for Arts Management: AM2 On the lack of field specific methods and theory in arts management

Arts management as academic discipline, but also as practical activity, still lacks field specific methods and theory. Today economic techniques and theories are often applied in a rather uncritical way. This has vast impact on the production of art. The affirmative application of economic principles, like simple cost-benefit-analysis, promotes the commodification of the cultural field while ignoring the peculiarities of the arts. Aesthetic aspects or the social significance of the arts are too often ignored here.

In our opinion this is due to a certain aversion against aesthetics and aspects of cultural artefacts beyond economic concepts and categories. We therefore call for a reconceptualization of the relation between the arts and management that critically investigates:
  • existing role perceptions and ascriptions within the cultural field
  • the use of quantitative and qualitative methods in arts management
  • questions of arts autonomy and state support of the arts
  • aesthetics, sociology, cultural history, and cultural studies as theoretical perspectives of arts management.
However we are not saying that the economic perspective on the arts is entirely useless. We rather want to point to the fact that arts management as an academic discipline has to systematically investigate the basic assumptions of economic thinking and how they affect the arts and their production.

The aim of the workshop: Perspectives of Arts Management is to investigate the future of arts managements as an academic discipline. We would like to discuss how arts management can establish mechanisms of critical self-reflection under conditions that are dominated by semantics of “culture industry”, “spectacle” and “efficiency”.

The workshop will be open for presentations referring to perspectives and approaches of cultural management as an academic discipline. Participants of the workshop will be welcome to present brief descriptions of their cur¬rent work, evaluate the status quo of arts management, reflect on methods and theories, and propose future per¬spectives of arts management. These future perspectives will subsequently be discussed and elaborated as the bases for future conferences and symposia.

Key Words: Arts management methods and theory, future of arts management.

Contact Information:
Working Group Future Perspectives of Arts Management
Institut für Kulturwissenschaften
Leipzig University
Beethovenstr. 15, 04107 Leipzig DE
Tel (0341) 97-35670

Transatlantic Dialogue: AM3 Differences and Similarities of Arts Management Contexts

It can be stated that arts management in different social contexts appears in various forms. These differences and similarities of arts management can be discussed from a transnational perspective to provide a number of starting points for a common, future co-operation. Workshop 3 will offer room for discussions about different (cultural) contexts of arts management in different societies to work on a sustainable network between our working groups to intensify co-operation. Furthermore Workshop 3 will culminate in concrete suggestions from the group about the conference in Prague.

Co-organizers: Dr. Constance DeVereaux, Dr. Christian Kleindienst, Dr.Nina Tessa Zahner

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