Centrul de Filosofie Aplicată (CFA)Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH)Alkalmazott Filozófiai Kutatóközpont (AFKK) ‒ functions as a research center in the field of Philosophy, with applied and interdisciplinary vallencies within the Faculty of History and Philosophy, "Babeș-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca.

The activity of the Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH)continues previous research activities ‒ research grants, scientific meetings, publications, etc. – that were coordinated by the Center for Applied Research in Phenomenology (CECAF), the Research Group for Cultural Practices and Policies (GCPPC) and the Debate Group for "Ethics and Society" (GDES) and the Department of Philosophy. The Center’s operation is connected to the Master's study programs oriented towards research - Philosophy, Culture, Communication; Critical Theory and multicultural studies - and to the Doctoral School of Philosophy.

Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH) sustains the formation of interdisciplinary research teams ‒ by hiring and co-opting specialists in philosophy and art history, sociology of culture and arts, economy of culture, cultural studies, public policy, political science,applied ethics, hermeneutics of culture and communication, law etc. – being able to elaborate important scientific papers in the areas of research undertaken. Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH) currently includes the following research groups:

  • The Group for Research on Cultural Practices and Policies (GRCPP);
  • Applied Research Group in Phenomenology (ARGPH);
  • Research Group in Applied Ethics (CCAE);
  • Research Group in Philosophical Analysis and Critics (RGPHAC);
  • Posthuman Studies Research Group (PSRG);

The Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH) aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas and discussions between researchers from home and abroad, by organizing symposia, conferences, seminars, workshops, issue publications and by being involved in its own research programs ortogether with other centers of national and international institutions.

The Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH) provides use of teaching-learning multimedia tools along the Master's degree programs in Philosophy –Philosophy, Culture, Communication (in Romanian language) and the Critical Theory and Multicultural Studies (in Hungarian language) – and at the Doctoral School of Philosophy,as well as it encourages the participation of post-doctoral researchers, PhD and MA students in the research programs of the Center and those of the Philosophy Departments.

In fulfilling its mission, the Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH) benefits from research infrastructure provided by the Laboratory for Analysis of Communication and Cultural Practices and the Seminar ProEtica‒Ethics in professions and documentation facilities provided by the Library of Art and Philosophy of Art, the "Katalin Szegő" Library (Pro Philosophia Foundation), and the Library of Philosophy. The center is also able to initiate partnerships with other research centers or institutions / foundations following similar missions.

The activityof the Center for Applied Philosophy (CAPH) is based on the following principles:
  1. to promote applied philosophical research in areas of interest for society - the cultural and language, ethical and political issues- in the cadres of the tradition of practical philosophy, but without ignoring fundamental research;
  2. The promotion of competitiveness and excellence in philosophical research and its promotion and affirmation inthe Romanian, European and international academic level;
  3. co-operation with similar institutions at home and abroad based on the principles of partnership, subsidiarity and respect for university autonomy;
  4. promotion and development of human resources of the "Babes-Bolyai" University in order to ensure the development of a dynamic and performing research and teaching staff, including the stimulation of young postdoctoral researchers, doctoral and masters students to join the center's research programs and departments.
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