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983CLE2.1Cleary, John J.The perennial tradition of Neoplatonismda
985COC1.1Cocteau, JeanLettre a Jacques Maritainda
986COC2.1Cochrane, Charles NorrisThucydides And The Science Of Historyda
987COD1.1Fausto CodinoEinfuhrung in Homerda
988COD2.1Coda, Elisa (ed.)Insegnare e disputare : la vita intellettuale e universitaria nel Medioevonu
989COH1.1Cohen, DavidLaw, sexuality, and society: the enforcement of morals in classical Athensda
990COH2.1Cohen-Hanegbi, Naama; Nagy, Piroska (eds.)Pleasure in the Middle Agesnu