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1671DIE2.4Dietrich von Freiberg Dietrich von Freibergs Traktat "De cognitione entium separatorum" : Studie und Textda
1672DIE6.1Dietrich, B. C.Death, Fate and the Gods. The Developement of a Religious Idea in Greek Popular Belief and in Homerda
1673DIG1.1Dignas, B.; Trampedach, Kai (ed.)Practitioners of the Divine. Greek Priests and Religious Officials from Homer to Heliodorusda
1674DIL1.1Dillon, JohnThe Middle Platonists. A study of platonismda
1675DIL2.1Dillon, MatthewGirls and women in classical greek religionda
1676DIN1.1.1Dindorf, Ludovic(ed.)Historici Graeci Minores vol. 1da
1677DIN1.1.2Dindorf, Ludovic(ed.)Historici Graeci Minores vol. 2da
1678DIO2.1.2Dio CassiusHistoria Romana vol. 2da
1679DIO2.1.1Dio CassiusHistoria Romana vol. 1da
1680DIO6.1.1Diogenes LaertiusLives of eminent philosophers. Books 1-5da