CLUJ “TRANSECT WALK” - Wednesday September 3, 2014

The walk we invite you to take in Cluj is a 5 hours long “transect” walk through the city of Cluj, from one “end” of the city to another “end”. It is not to be confused with a guided tour which would focus on (or necessarily pass by) specific locations. On the contrary, it is a walk conceived as an explorative arbitrary cut through the entire city, which should not privilege one neighbourhood against other ones. Nor should it privilege the center or the peripheries of the city: it should cover both center and peripheries, following a transversal imaginary line. We encourage you to consider this walk as a phenomenological exploration, whereby we invite you to raise your attention to the urban through the use of your senses and serendipity.

The Cluj transect walk is conceived and organized by Dr. Sacha Kagan (Leuphana University), with the help of Dr. Mara Ratiu (University of Art and Design in Cluj) and PhD and MA students from Cluj.

The „Cluj Transect walk guidelines” are available for download here.

Registration and timeline To take part in this walk, we invite you to register by sending an email to Sacha Kagan sachakagan[at] with CC to the Conference secretariat esa.arts2014[at], with the subject line “ESA Arts 2014 Cluj Transect Walk Registration”.

Maps of “Cluj transect lines” will be uploaded on the conference website, and we will assign you into small groups. Each small group will be accompanied by a local colleague or student, and will start the walk on Wednesday September 3rd at 15:00. The walk duration will be of about 5 hours. Depending on the time taken for pauses and other factors, the walks will end between 20:00 and 20:30.

A feedback session for the walk is integrated in the conference program. It will take place on the last day of the conference, Saturday September 6th, from 14:40 to 16:00 (before the Closing meeting).

There is no extra fee for participating in the walk. However, registration by email is required. (Please do mention in your registration email, whether you accept to be assigned to one of the small groups, or whether you prefer the option of “walking alone”.) For logistical reasons, we will cap the registration process to a maximum of 30 participants. Please do register until July 31st.

For any further information about the “transect walk”, please contact Sacha Kagan.

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