Travel to Cluj


The city of Cluj (Cluj-Napoca) is located in Romania, more precisely in the center of the province Transylvania at a distance of approximately 500 km from Bucharest and 460 km from Budapest.


Cluj is connected by regular flights with the main cities in Europe and indirectly (especially via Bucharest or München) with numerous other destinations on other continents. There are also other airports in the cities of region: Sibiu (Located at aprox. 160 km) or Târgu Mures (located at aprox. 120 km), which provides also regular flights from/to numerous cities in Europe. From either town you reach Cluj in 2 hours traveling with minibus.

The Cluj airport is located approximately 10 km from the city center and access is provided by direct public transport lines: trolleybus line no. 5 and bus line 8. Journey time is 20-30 minutes, depending on local traffic. Taxi transport is also available, and the rates are very advantageous (approx. 40 RON/8-9 EUR). The most used taxi companies are: DIESEL, PRITAX, DANIEL, GOO DCAB).


Cluj is connected by railway with the large cities in Romania. There are also direct connections to Budapest and Vienna. The disadvantage of traveling by train is that rail speeds in Romania are slow compared to other European countries.

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Local transport and Taxi

The city of Cluj has a good public transport network. There are tram, trolleybus, and bus lines, including numerous electric buses. The cost of a trip is 3 RON/0.65 EUR and a one-day pass on all lines is approximately 5 EUR. The trip can also be paid for directly on the bus by automatic payment with a bank card.
Taxi fares do not exceed 0.70 EUR/km. UBER and BOLT operate in Cluj, with similar rates to Taxi.

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