Both locations of accommodation are mainly student dormitories with limited facilities

  • The rooms have internet and wifi access but are not equipped with TV’s
  • The accommodation in the Economica II dormitories will not include towels with the rooms
  • On the other hand, the rooms in Economica II are spacious (originally designated as 3 person bedrooms) each room having a separate bathroom
  • To book for accommodation offered by the organisers of the conference, please access this link

1. Hotel Universitas/Juventus-Babes Bolyai University Hotel

Address: Str. Plopilor nr. 52-54
Price: 15 EUR/night in double rooms
Phone nr. for contact: +402644297
Location and directions from the Juventus Hotel to the Main building of the conference:
Transport: 3 km, 35 min by foot, or
With the tram nr. 101. from Plopilor Station—to Baritiu Street.
Taxi fare cost: approx. 20 RON

2. Student dormitories Economica II. UBB

Address: Str. Teodor Mihali nr.58-59
Prices: bed in double room: 12 EUR/night; bed in single room: 20 EUR/night
Contact: phone- 0264-418063
Mail address:
Location and directions to the main building of the conference:
Transport: 2.6 km, 33 min by foot, or
With busses: nr. 24, 24B, 25 from Campus Universitar Est Station—Victoria Station
Taxi fare cost: approx. 17 RON

Down below You can find a list of the nearest accommodation possibilities to the main building of the Babes-Bolyai University:

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