FIDEM Annual Meeting, Cluj, Romania, 23–26 September 2015

Fédération Internationale des Instituts d’Études Mediévales
Centrul de Filosofie Antică şi Medievală, UBB Cluj

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For participants staying at Universitas Hotel

Saturday 12 September 2015, by Mihai Maga

The easiest way of getting from the airport to the university hotel is by taking a taxi. This will cost you somewhere around 10 Euro, depending on the traffic.

The address of the hotel is: Hotel UNIVERSITAS - Babes Bolyai University Hotel, Pandurilor Street, No.7 (entrance from Plopilor Street), Cluj-Napoca.

Phone: +40 264 429 788

Just give this address to the taxi driver.

The easiest way of getting from the university hotel to the conference venue (Kogălniceanu Street, no. 1, the central location of the Babeş- Bolyai University) is by taking the tram and then walking for a short distance.

Take tram 101 (Bucium-> P-ţa. Gării) from the station on Plopilor Street, in the direction P-ţa. Gării. Get off the tram at the G. Bariţiu Station. From there, walk until the first intersection and then go right on Ferdinand Street. Walk until the end of Ferdinand Street (you pass the Museum of Pharmacy). At the end of Ferdinand Street, turn right on Memorandumului Street and walk until the first intersection. Cross the street and walk straight ahead (parallel with the Saint Michael Church) until you reach the next intersection. Then cross the street again and walk straight ahead (on the University Street) until you see an orange building on your left. When you see that building go left and you are on Kogălniceanu Street. Once on Kogălniceanu Street, the orange building (also known as the Echinox Building) is on your right and the University (the conference venue) is on your left.

You can also take a taxi from your hotel, but given the traffic, the route that I have just described might be faster and far more pleasant. In case you really want to take a taxi, you can ask the receptionist in the hotel lobby to call one for you.

The price of a single room is 70 lei/night; the price of a double room is 100 lei/night (the cost of a bed in such a room is of 50 lei/night); breakfast is not included in this price; it cost an extra 15 lei/day and you can order it, if you want, and pay for it at the end of your stay.

For Romanian Leu official exchange rates, please see (bank and exchange office rates may differ)


26 September 2015

Thank you all for participating!

Special thanks to:

  • participants, for the scientific quality of their papers and for their kindness
  • FIDEM Board members, for their involvment and understanding
  • UBB administration, for the excellent support
  • POSDRU program management team, for the immense help
  • Concerts Society Bistrița and the musicians, for the delightful concert
  • Batthyaneum Library and Roman Catholic Archidiocese, for the wonderful visit
  • volunteers, for their formidable energy and dedication
  • organizing team, for hundreds of hours of work, for smiles, for tears, for success

Without you, this wonderful colloquium would not have been possible.

And a present: the recording of the concert

The organizers.

11 September 2015

You can download the participation guide in PDF format: Participation Guide

There is also a guide for the participants staying at Universitas Hotel: For participants staying at Universitas Hotel

31 August 2015

You can access the composition of the panels here: Panels

14 June 2015

The evaluation of submitted papers has finished. The total number of expected participants is 80. See the provisional list of registered participants

3 June 2015

The validation of the registrations and the evaluation of submitted papers have started. If you registered but your registration is not complete, please fill it in using your registration account or send it to us by email. We will try to contact registered participants if needed to fill the registration data.

2 June 2015

Some scholarships are still available for young researchers, provided they present a paper at the Colloquium.

10 April 2015

In order to facilitate a broader participation, the registration deadline was extended until 31 May 2015.

The deadline for scholarship candidatures was extended until 31 May 2015.

To provide the opportunity of participation for more specialists, the fee was reduced to 25 euros. Students who do not receive the scholarship, but can prove their student status, benefit from a 50% discount.

During FIDEM Annual Colloquium 2015 an international book fair will be organized. The participating publishers will be announced soon.