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501X-sch5.19Schabel C. , Papamarkou C. si Katsoura E.Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Book 4 of the sentences. Traditions and Redactions, with Questions on Projectile Motion, Polygamy, and the Immortality of the Soulda
502X-sch5.6Schabel C. si Courtenay W. J.Augustinian Quodlibeta after Giles of Romeda
503X-sch5.14Schabel C. si Rossini M.Time and Eternity Among The Early Scotistsda
504X-sch5.4Schabel, C.Francis of Marchia on Divine Ideasda
505X-sch5.5Schabel, C.Carmelite Quodlibetada
506X-sch5.8Schabel, C.Notes on a Recent Edition of Parts of Francis of Marchia's in Primum Librum Sententiarumda
507X-sch5.9Schabel, C.Unpublished Documents from the Papal Nuncio Raymond of Pinsda
508x-sch5.20Schabel, C.Early carmelites between giantsda
509X-sch5.7Schabel, C. si Friedman, R. L.Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Sentences: Question List and State of Researchda
510X-sch5.10Schabel, C. si Minervini, L.The French and Latin Dossier on the Institution of the Governments of Amaury of Lusignanda
511SCH5.3Schabel, ChristopherDominican Anti-Thomism: James of Metz's Question on DIvine Foreknowledge with a rebuttal from the Correctorium Iacobi Metensisda
512X-sch3.1Schneider, Arthur Die Ordenschulen in Koln al Vorlaufer der Universitatda
513X-sch2.1Schroeder, Frederic M. ; Robert, Robert B.Exegetical style in the de intellectuda
514x-sco1.1Scoon, Robert Plato's Parmenidesda
515x-sen1.1Senger, Hans Gerhard Nikolaus von Kues und die Pariser Verurteilungen von 1270/1277da
516X-sen2.1Senko, W. Un traite inconnu <<de esse et essentia>>da
517x-ser2.1Sérouya, Henri Maimonide sa vie, son ouvre avec un expose de sa philosophieda
518x-sha1.1Shapiro , H.Walter Burley's De Toto et Parteda
519x-sha2.1Sharvy, Richard Plato's Causal Logic and the Third Man Argumentda
520X-she1.1Sheppard, AnnePhantasia and Mental Images: Neoplatonist Interpretations of De anima, 3.3da
521x-she2.1Sherry, David M.Zeno's Metrical Paradox Revisitedda
522X-sho1.1Shogimen, Takashi The Relationship between Theology and Canon Law: Another Context of Political Tought in the Early Fourteenth Centuryda
523X-BRA1.1Siger de BrabantÉcrits de logique de morale et de physiqueda
524x-sig1.2Siger de BrebantQuestiones in Methaphysicamda
525x-sig1.1Siger de BrebantQuaestio utrum haec sit vera: Homo est animal, nullo homme existenteda
526x-sim1.1Simonson, Solomon A Definitive Note on the Enthymemeda
527x-sol1.1#2Solere, Jean-LucNeoplatonisme et rhetorique: Gilles de Rome et la premiere proposition du ,,De causis"da
528x-sol1.1#1Solere, Jean-Luc Neoplatonisme et rhetorique: Gilles de Rome et la premiere proposition du ,,De causis"da
529x-sol2.1Solon, T.P.M. The Logic of Aquinas' Tertia Viada
530X-sor1.1Sorabji, Richard Infinite power impressed: the transformation of Aristotle's physics and theologyda
531x-spa1.1Spalding, K.T. On the Sphere and Limit of the Aristotelian Logicda
532x-sta1.1Stannard, Jerry Parmenidian Logicda
533x-sta2.1Stanton, G.R. Sophists and Philosophers: Problems of Classificationda
534x-ste1.2Steel CarlosMedieval Philosophy: an Impossible Project? Thomas Aquinas and the "Averroistic" Ideal of Happinessda
535x-ste1.1Steel CarlosSiger of Brabant versus Thomas Aquinas on the Possibility of Knowing the Separate Substancesda
536x-ste1.3Steel, Carlos ; Guy GuldentopsAn unknown tratise of Averoes against the Avicennians on the first causeda
537X-ste2.1Steenberghen, Fernand vanProlegomenes a la <<quarta via>>da
538x-sto2.1Stone, Martin W F.Moral Psychology afer 1277: Did the Parisian Condemnation Make a Difference to Philosophical Discussions of Human Agency?da
539X-str1.1Strauss LeoHow to Study Medieval Philosophyda
540X-str2.1Street, Tony Avicenna and Tusi on the Contradiciton and Conversion of the Absoluteda
541x-swe1.1Swenson, David F. The Logical Significance of the Paradoxes of Zenoda
542X-tar1.1Tartler MargaretaUtopia insingurarii in Evul Mediu arabda
543X-tat1.1Tătaru-Cazaban, Bogdan Coloratio Anselmi. Trei lecturi franciscane ale "argumentului ontologic"da
544X-tat1.2Tătaru-Cazaban, Bogdan Individualitate și infinit la Nicolaus Cusanusda
545x-tat2.1Tate, J. Socrates an the Mythsda
546x-the1.1Thery, Gabriel Alexandre d' Aphrodiseda
547X-thi1.1Thijssen, J. M. M. H. What Really Happened On 7 March 1277? Bishop Tempier's Condemnation And Its Institutional Context Advanced Search What Really Happened On 7 March 1277? Bishop Tempier's Condemnation And Its Institutional Contextda
548X-thi1.2Thijssen, J. M. M. H. The response to Thomas Aquinas in the early fourteenth century: eternity and infinity in the works of Henry of Harclay, Thomas of Wilton and William of Alnwick O. F. M.da
549X-tho1.2Thomae de Aquino, S.Quaestio de gratia capitis (Summae p.III q.8) ; accedunt textus inediti S. Alberti Coloniensis et Ulrici de Argentinada
550x-tho1.1Thomae de Aquino, S.Tractatus De Substantiis Separatisda