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3781WIT1.1Witt, Ronald G. The Two Latin Cultures and the Foundation of Renaissance Humanism in Medieval Italynu
3782WOH1.1Wohlman, AvitalThomas d'Aquin et Maïmonideda
3783WOL1.1Wolter, Allan B.The transcedentals and their function in the metaphysics of Duns Scotusda
3784WOO2.1Woodhouse, Christopher M.George Gemistos Plethon : the last of the Hellenesda
3785WOO1.1Woozley, A. D. LAW AND OBEDIENCE. The arguments of Plato`s Critoda
3786WRA1.1Wranovix, Matthew P.Priests and their books in late medieval Eichstätt. Parish priests and their booksda
3787WRI1.1Wriedt, Klaus Schule Und Universitat (Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance) (Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance)da
3788WUS1.1Wüsthof, Lucas Schwabenspiegel und Augsburger Stadtrecht da
3789WYS1.1Wyser, PaulThomas von Aquinda
3790XEN1.1XenophonAnabase (Morceaux choisis)da