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3661QUI4.1Quinones, Ricardo J.The Renaissance discovery of timeda
3662BRI2.4Brînzei, Monica (ed.)The rise of an academic elite : deans, masters, and scribes at the University of Vienna before 1400da
3663OZO1.1Ożóg, KrzysztofThe Role of Poland in the Intellectual Development of Europe in the Middle Agesda
3664BEN1.3Sf. BenedictThe Rule of Saint Benedictda
3665CHR2.1Blumenfeld-Kosinski, RenateThe selected writings of Christine de Pizanda
3666LOM1.4.1Peter LombardThe Sentences, book 1: The mystery of the Trinityda
3667HES1.2.2HesiodThe Shield. Catalogue of Women. Other Fragmentsda
3668SCH15.1Schrader, DylanThe Shortcut to Scholastic Latinnu
3669ROS1.1Rosemann, Philipp W.The Story of a Great Medieval Book. Peter Lombard's Sentencesda
3670GRA6.1.1Graham, W. Daniel (ed.)The texts of early Greek philosophy : the complete fragments and selected testimonies of the major Presocratics. Part Ida