Nr.Cota  AutorTitluDisponibil
2081MAC5.1MacCoinnich, Aonghas Plantation and civility in the North Atlantic world: the case of the northern Hebrides, 1570 - 1639da
2082MAC6.1Macdonell, Arthur AanthonyA VEDIC READER FOR STUDENTSda
2083MAC7.1Makarius des AegyptersFunfzig Geistliche Homilienda
2084MAC8.1MacDonald, IainClerics and Clansmen. The Diocese of Argyll Between the Twelfth and Sixteenth Centuriesda
2085MAC9.1MacDonald, ScottBeing and goodness. The concept of the good in metaphysics and philosophical theologyda
2086MAG1.1Maga, MihaiFilosofia politica a lui Marsilio din Padovada
2087MAG1.2Maga, Mihai (ed)Studii tomiste IIIda
2088MAG2.1Magnard, Pierre; Boulnois, Olivier; Pinchard, Bruno; Solère, Jean-LucLa demeure de l'êtreda
2089MAG3.1Magrath, John RichardSelections from the Organon of Aristotleda
2090MAG4.1Magnano, FiorellaBoethius on Topical Differencesda