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1501CLA6.1Clanchy, Michael Looking back from the invention of printing : mothers and the teaching of reading in the Middle Agesda
1502CLA7.1Clark, Gillian; Rajak, Tessa (eds.)Philosophy and power in the Graeco-Roman world : essays in honour of Miriam Griffinda
1503CLA5.2Classen, AlbrechtThe power of a woman's voice in medieval and early modern literaturesda
1504CLA5.1Classen, Albrecht (ed.)Meeting the Foreign in the Middle Agesda
1505VIS1.1Claude VIshnu Spaak et Ovidiu Stanciu (dir.)Patocka, Lecteur d'Aristote. Phenomenologie, ontologie, cosmologieda
1506CLA4.1Claudii ClaudianiCarminada
1507CLA3.1Clavaud, RobertLe menexene de Platon et la rhetorique de son tempsda
1508CLE2.1Cleary, John J.The perennial tradition of Neoplatonismda
1509CLE1.1Clemens, Raymond; Graham, TimothyIntroduction to manuscript studiesda