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121AL4.1-4AristotelAnalytica Posteriorada
122AL3.1AristotelAnalytica priora (Aristoteles)da
123ARI1.15AristotelAnalytica Priora et Posterioranu
124LEO1.1Leonardi, ClaudioAnastasio Bibliotecario e l'ottavo concilio ecumenicoda
125STE1.1Steno, NicolausAnatomical Observations of the glands of the eye and their new vessels thereby revealing the true source of tearsda
126KAL2.1Kalhous, DavidAnatomy of a duchy. The political and ecclesiastical structures of early Přemyslid Bohemiada
127AUL2.1Bradley A. Ault, Lisa C. Nevett (ed.)Ancient Greek houses and households : chronological, regional, and social diversityda
128LOV1.1Larsson Lovén, Lena ; Strömberg, Agneta (ed.)Ancient marriage in myth and realityda
129MON2.1Monson, Don A.Andreas Capellanus, Scholasticism and the courtly traditionda
130DIO1.6Dionysius AreopagitaAngebliche Schriften uber di Beiden Hierarchienda