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551X-blu1.6Blumenthal, Henry J.Some problems about body and soul in later pagan neoplatonism: Do they follow a pattern?da
552X-blu1.4Blumenthal, Henry J.Plotinus Adaptation of Aristotle's Psychology: Sensation, Imagination and Memoryda
553x-arm1.1 Armstrong, A. H.Form, Individual and Person in Plotinusda
554X-rap1.1 Rappe, Sara Self-knowledge and subjectivity in the Enneadsda
555X-ome1.1O'Meara, Dominic J.The hierarchical ordering of the reality in Plotinusda
556X-cry1.1 Crystal, Ian Plotinus on the Structure of Self-Intellectionda
557X-arm1.2Armstrong, A. H.The Background of the Doctrine "That the Intelligibles are not Outside the Intellectda
558X-had1.2Pierre HadotLa conception Plotinienne de l'identité entre l'intellect et son objetda
559X-jon2.1#2 Jonas., HansThe soul in gnosticism and Plotinusda
560X-hoe1.3Maarten J. F. M. HoenenHeymeric van de Velde (1460) und die Geschichte des Albertismusda