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11X-sch5.6Schabel C. si Courtenay W. J.Augustinian Quodlibeta after Giles of Romeda
12X-aer1.1 Aertsen, Jan A.What is First and Most Fundamental? The Beginnings of Transcendental Philosophyda
13X-cal2.1 Calma, DragosLa polysemie du terme averroismeda
14x-bla2.1Blanco, ArturoThe influence of faith in angels on the medieval vision of nature and manda
15X-cal2.2Calma, Dragos ; Imbach, RuediA fifteenth-century metaphysical treatise: preliminary remarcs on the colliget principiorum of Heymericus de Campoda
16X-sch5.7Schabel, C. si Friedman, R. L.Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Sentences: Question List and State of Researchda
17X-car1.1Carchia, Gianni La pensee et son ombre. De l'histoire de la philosophie comme mythologieda
18X-aer1.2 Aertsen, Jan A.The Eternity of the World: The Believing and The Philosophical Tomas. Some Commentsda
19X-car2.1Carroll, William E. The condemnations of Paris (1277) and the christian origins of modern scienceda
20X-sch5.8Schabel, C.Notes on a Recent Edition of Parts of Francis of Marchia's in Primum Librum Sententiarumda