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1x-ack1.2 Ackrill, J. L. Aristotle's Definitions of Psucheda
2x-ack1.1 Ackrill, J.L.Plato and the Copula: Sophist 251-259da
3X-aer1.2 Aertsen, Jan A.The Eternity of the World: The Believing and The Philosophical Tomas. Some Commentsda
4X-aer1.1 Aertsen, Jan A.What is First and Most Fundamental? The Beginnings of Transcendental Philosophyda
5x-all1.1 Allis, Victor and Koetsier, TeunisOn some Paradoxes of the Infiniteda
6x-arm1.1 Armstrong, A. H.Form, Individual and Person in Plotinusda
7x-ash1.1 Ashworth, E.JAutor des Obligationes de Roger Swyneshed: La Nova Responsioda
8x-aub1.1 Aubenque, Pierre Plotin et le Depassement de L'ontologie Grecque Classiqueda
9x-bai1.1 Bailey, Alan Pyrronhean Sceptcism and the Self-Refutation Argumentda
10x-bar1.1 Barnes, JonathanAristotle, Menaechmus, and Circular Proofda