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3801CarteKLI1.1Klibansky, RaymondThe continuity of the Platonic Tradition during the Middle Agesda
3802CarteERA1.1.1Desiderius ErasmusThe correspondence of Erasmus. Letters 1 to 141da
3803CarteERA1.1.2Desiderius ErasmusThe correspondence of Erasmus. Letters 142 to 297da
3804CarteERA1.1.3Desiderius ErasmusThe correspondence of Erasmus. Letters 298 to 445da
3805CarteBAX1.1Baxter, TimothyThe Cratylus. Plato's Critique of Namingda
3806CartePLA1.8PlatonThe Crito and Part of the Phaedoda
3807CarteHYB1.1Nils Hybel; Bjorn PoulsenThe Danish Resources C. 1000-1550. Growth and Recessionda
3808ArticolX-mau1.1Maurer, ArmandThe De Quidditatibus Entium of Dietrich of Freiberg and its criticism of Thomistic Metaphysicsda
3809CarteBRA5.1Brann, Noel L.The debate over the origin of genius during the Italian renaissance nu
3810CarteBRA5.1#2Brann, Noel L.The debate over the origin of genius during the Italian renaissancenu
3811ArticolX-tig1.1Tigersted, E. N.The Decline and Fall of the Neoplatonic Interpretation of Platoda
3812CarteELR1.1El-Rouayheb, KhaledThe development of Arabic logic (1200-1800)da
3813CarteHUG1.4Hugo de Saint-Victor; Taylor, Jerome (transl.)The Didascalicon of Hugh of St. Victorda
3814CarteMOR6.1 Morris, ColinThe discovery of the individual, 1050-1200da
3815CarteVOL1.1Vollert, Cyril O.The Doctrine of Hervaeus Natalis on primitive justice and original sin, as developed in the controversy on original sin during the early decades of the 14th centurynu
3816CarteMOR5.2Morris, Ian; Scheidel, Walter (eds.)The dynamics of ancient empires: state power from Assyria to Byzantiumda
3817CarteWHI2.1Anonymous Monk of Whitby; Bertram Colgrave (tr.)The earliest life of Gregory the Greatda
3818Articolx-ken1.1Kennedy, George A. KThe Earliest Rhetorical Handbooksda
3819CarteMCG1.1McGrath, S. J. The Early Heidegger and Medieval Philosophyda
3820CartePRO1.4Proclos (Proclus); E. R. Dodds (trad.)The Elements of theology da
3821ArticolX-mac2.2MacDonald, ScottThe Esse/Essentia Argument in Aquinas's De ente et essentiada
3822ArticolX-aer1.2 Aertsen, Jan A.The Eternity of the World: The Believing and The Philosophical Tomas. Some Commentsda
3823CarteREE2.1Reeves, Marjorie ; Hirsch-Reich, BeatriceThe Figurae of Joachim of Fioreda
3824Articolx-ker1.2Kerferd, G.B. The First Greek Sophistsda
3825CarteDUB2.1Duba, William O.The Forge of Doctrine. The Academic Year 1330-31 and the Rise of Scotism at the University of Paris da
3826CarteBIR1.1Bird, Jessalynn Lea; Smith, Damian J. (eds.)The Fourth Lateran Council and the crusade movement. The impact of the council of 1215 on Latin Christendom and the eastda
3827ArticolX-sch5.10Schabel, C. si Minervini, L.The French and Latin Dossier on the Institution of the Governments of Amaury of Lusignanda
3828CarteBLU2.1Blumenberg, Hans The Genesis of the Copernican Worldda
3829ArticolX-del2.1Del Punta, FrancescoThe Genre of Commentaries in the Middle Ages and its Relation to the Nature and Originality of Medieval Toughtda
3830CarteLIC2.1Lickteig, Franz-BernardThe german Carmelites at the Medieval universitiesnu
3831CarteGIL1.3Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval StudiesThe Gilson lectures on Thomas Aquinasda
3832CarteSMI1.1Smith, LesleyThe Glossa Ordinaria. The Making of a Medieval Bible Commentaryda
3833CartePOE1.1Poe, Edgar AllanThe Gold Bugda
3834CarteGRO1.7.1Robert Grosseteste (trad.)The Greek commentaries on the Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle, vol. Ida
3835CarteGRO1.7.3Robert Grosseteste (trad.)The Greek commentaries on the Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle, vol. IIIda
3836CarteHAV2.2Havelock, Eric A.The greek concept of justice.From its shadow in Homer to its subtance in Platoda
3837CarteRIX1bisDarling Buck, CarlThe Greek Dialectsnu
3838CarteDEN2.1.1Denniston, J. D.The Greek Particles I.da
3839CarteDEN2.1.2Denniston, J. D.The Greek Particles II.da
3840CarteGOM1.1.1Gomperz, TheodorThe Greek Thinkers. A History of Ancient Philosophy Vol.1da
3841CarteGOM1.1.2Gomperz, TheodorThe Greek Thinkers. A History of Ancient Philosophy Vol.2da
3842CarteGOM1.1.3Gomperz, TheodorThe Greek Thinkers. A History of Ancient Philosophy Vol.3da
3843CarteGOS2.1Gosling, J. C. B.; Taylor, C. C. The Greeks on Pleasureda
3844CarteMAI1.3Moses MaimonidesThe guide for the perplexedda
3845CarteMAI1.4.1Moses Maimonides, Shlomo Pines (trad.), Leo Strauss (introd.)The Guide of the Perplexedda
3846CarteMAI1.4.2Moise Maimonide, Shlomo Pines (ed.), Leo Strauss (introd.)The Guide of the Perplexedda
3847CarteBIB4.1.1Alter, Robert (ed.)The Hebrew Bible (Vol. I. The Five Books of Moses)da
3848CarteBIB4.1.2Alter, Robert (ed.)The Hebrew Bible (Vol. II. Prophets)da
3849CarteBIB4.1.3Alter, Robert (ed.)The Hebrew Bible (Vol. III. The Writings)da
3850ArticolX-ome1.1O'Meara, Dominic J.The hierarchical ordering of the reality in Plotinusda