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2451CarteSCO1.11John Duns ScotusOn being and cognition: Ordinatio 1.3da
2452CarteCHR4.1Christianson, Gerald; Izbicki, Thomas M (eds.)On Christ and the Church. Essays in memory of Chandler McCuskey Brooks for the American Cusanus Societyda
2453ArticolX-egg1.1 Egginton, WilliamOn Dante, Hyperspheres, and the Curvature of the Medieval Cosmosda
2454CarteLEE2.4Pieter de Leemans (ed.)On Good Authority. Tradition, Compilation and the Construction of Authority in Literature from Antiquity to the Renaissanceda
2455CarteTHO1.35Thomas AquinasOn kingship. To the king of Cyprusda
2456CarteCIC1.27CiceroOn Life and Death (trad. J. Davie)nu
2457CarteBOS1.1E. P. Bos, P. A. MeijerOn Proclus and his influence in medieval philosophyda
2458Articolx-min1.1 Minardi, StefanoOn Some Aspects of Platonic Divisionda
2459Articolx-all1.1 Allis, Victor and Koetsier, TeunisOn some Paradoxes of the Infiniteda
2460Articolx-all1.2Allis, Victor and Koetsier, TeunisOn some Paradoxes of the Infinite IIda