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1301ArticolX-sch5.7Schabel, C. si Friedman, R. L.Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Sentences: Question List and State of Researchda
1302CarteFRI1.2Friedman, Russell L. ; Schabel, Christopher David (eds.)Francis of Marchia. Theologian and Philosopher : a Franciscan at the University of Paris in the Early Fourteenth Centuryda
1303CarteFS36***Franciscan Studiesda
1304CarteFS37***Franciscan Studiesda
1305CarteFS38***Franciscan Studiesda
1306CarteFS39***Franciscan Studiesda
1307CarteFS40***Franciscan Studiesda
1308CarteFS12.3-4Franciscan Studies volume 12, nos. 3 and 4da
1309CarteFS13.1Franciscan Studies volume 13, no.1da
1310CarteWES1.1Westra, Haijo J. (ed.)From Athens to Chartres. Studies in Honour of Edouard Jauneauda