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1CarteCOU5.3Duba, W. O.; Friedman, R. L.; Schabel, C. (eds.)Studies in Later Medieval Intellectual History in Honor of William J. Courtenayda
2ArticolX-sch5.4Schabel, C.Francis of Marchia on Divine Ideasda
3ArticolX-sch5.5Schabel, C.Carmelite Quodlibetada
4ArticolX-sch5.8Schabel, C.Notes on a Recent Edition of Parts of Francis of Marchia's in Primum Librum Sententiarumda
5ArticolX-sch5.9Schabel, C.Unpublished Documents from the Papal Nuncio Raymond of Pinsda
6Articolx-sch5.20Schabel, C.Early carmelites between giantsda
7ArticolX-sch5.7Schabel, C. si Friedman, R. L.Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Sentences: Question List and State of Researchda
8ArticolX-sch5.10Schabel, C. si Minervini, L.The French and Latin Dossier on the Institution of the Governments of Amaury of Lusignanda