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Nr.TipCota  AutorTitluDisponibil
1CarteAND2.1Alfred J. AndreaContemporany sources for the Fourth Crusadeda
2CarteARN3.1Jóhann Páll Árnason; Björn WittrockEurasian transformations, tenth to thirteenth centuries. Crystallizations, divergences, renaissancesda
3CarteBAK1.1Patricia A. Baker, Han Nijdam, Karine van `t LandMedicine and Space. Body, Surroundings and Borders in Antiquity and the Middle Agesda
4CarteBRO3.1James H. BrownImagining the Textda
5CarteCUP1.1Cupane, Carolina ; Kronung, Bettina Fictional Storytelling in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean and Beyondda
6CarteFAG1.1Fagan, Garrett G.New perspectives on ancient warfareda
7CarteGRA5.1Grant, Jeanne E. For the Common Good. The Bohemian Land Law and the Beginning of the Hussite Revolutionda
8CarteGRE4.1Greenhalgh, MichaelConstantinople to Cordoba. Dismantling ancient architecture in the East, North Africa and Islamic Spainda
9CarteGRE4.2Greenhalgh, MichaelMarble past, monumental present. Building with antiquities in the mediaeval Mediterraneanda
10CarteHYB1.1Nils Hybel; Bjorn PoulsenThe Danish Resources C. 1000-1550. Growth and Recessionda