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1CarteAUG1.39.7AugustineCity of God (Vol. VII, Books 21-22, General Index)nu
2CarteAUG1.39.6AugustineCity of God (Vol. VI, Books 18.36-20)nu
3CarteAUG1.39.1AugustineCity of God (Vol. I, Books 1-3)nu
4CarteAUG1.39.2AugustineCity of God (Vol. II, Books 4-7)nu
5CarteAUG1.39.3AugustineCity of God (Vol. III, Books 8-11)nu
6CarteAUG1.39.4AugustineCity of God (Vol. IV, Books 12-15)nu
7CarteAUG1.39.5AugustineCity of God (Vol. V, Books 16-18.35)nu
8CarteBRO2.4Brown, PeterAugustine of Hippo : a biographyda
9CarteCOP2.2Copleston, FrederickA History of Philosophy. Vol. II: Augustine to Scotusda
10CarteFIT1.1Fitzgerald, Allan D. (ed.)Augustine through the ages: an encyclopedianu