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Aim of the project

The project responds to the need for integrated training of students in security studies, by combining the methods of formal and non-formal education.


The project motto: Todays European democracy and diversity leads to tomorrow’s security is reflecting our main Objective - to mainstream and diversify the European studies curriculum in the university in order to educate students to pursue a career in the EU institutions and also to develop a more inclusive Europe.

Project aims are:

  1. To innovate and diversify EU-minority and security subjects from the official curriculum of the university,
  2. To inform and prepare future active citizens of the EU,
  3. To foster the engagement of young academics to teach and research on European security subjects (such as societal security, multiculturalism, refugees, inter-ethnic relations)
  4. To train professors to teach EU security courses using means of formal and non-formal education.
Special attention will be paid to topics related to youth and minorities, EU enlargement process, Brexit, migration, Ukrainian war, refugees and COVID-19, because these activities are affecting the process of building security and stability in Europe.