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Editing requirements

The papers should be original and should not be under considerations elsewhere.
Articles should not exceed 35 pages. They should be clearly typed by using the following form:
  • Title of the paper
  • Author's name and academic affiliation
  • Abstract (max. 10 lines), Times New Roman, 11
  • Keywords (max. 10 words), Times New Roman, 11
  • Body text, Times New Roman, 12
  • Page Setup: Top, Bottom, Left, Right: 2 cm
  • Paper size: Width: 17 cm, Height: 24 cm
  • Line spacing: 1,2 lines
Footnotes should be kept at a minimum, Times New Roman, 10, line spacing: single line.
Quotations. Single inverted commas should be used except for quotations within quotations, which should have double inverted commas. Quotations of more than 30 words should be set off from the text with an extra line of spacing above and below, and typed without inverted commas.
Spelling. American English, except in quotations which should follow the original.
References (Example)
  • Davis, M., 1958, Computability & Unsolvability, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York.
  • Boolos, G.; J.P. Burgess; R.C. Jeffrey, 2002, Computability and Logic, fourth ed., Cambridge UP.
  • Dummett, M., 1978, The philosophical significance of Gödel's theorem, in Truth and other Enigmas, Harvard UP, 186-201.
  • Kleene, S.C., 1943, Recursive predicates and quantifiers, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 53, 41-73.
  • Field, H., 2002, Saving truth schema from the paradox, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 31, 1-27.
Submmited articles should be prepared in Word format (.rtf file) and .pdf file.
Articles, together with author's personal data and email address, should be sent to the Editor's Office via email: logos.architekton@gmail.com.