Nr. CotaAutorTitluDisponibil
2806COR1.3Corbin MichelLa doctrine augustinienne de la Trinité da
2807GAG2.1Gagarin, MichaelEarly Greek lawda
2808COX1.1Cox, Cheryl AnneHousehold interests : property, marriage strategies, and family dynamics in ancient Athensda
2809SER1.2 Serres, Michel Petite poucette da
2810MOR5.1Morris, IanWhy the West rules - for now: the patterns of history and what they reveal about the futureda
2811NEV1.1Nevett, Lisa C.House and society in the ancient Greek worldda
2812MOR6.1 Morris, ColinThe discovery of the individual, 1050-1200da
2813BOE4.1Boegehold, Alan L.; Scafuro, C. Adele (eds.)Athenian identity and civic ideologyda
2814GAG2.2Gagarin, Michael; Cohen, David (eds.)The Cambridge companion to ancient Greek lawda
2815ARN5.1 Arnzen, Rüdiger; Thielmann‎, ‬Jörn Words, texts and concepts cruising the Mediterranean Sea da
2816LIE1.1Beatus LiebanensisObras completas y complementarias I (Comentario al Apocalipsis, Himno "O Dei Verbum", Apologético ) da
2817QUI4.1Quinones, Ricardo J.The Renaissance discovery of timeda
2818COH1.1Cohen, DavidLaw, sexuality, and society: the enforcement of morals in classical Athensda
2819MOR5.2Morris, Ian; Scheidel, Walter (eds.)The dynamics of ancient empires: state power from Assyria to Byzantiumda
2820KRI1.3Kristeller, Paul OskarRenaissance thought and its sources nu
2821HOO1.1Hood, Pamela MAristotle on the category of relationda
2822BRU6.1Brulé, PierreWomen of Ancient Greeceda
2823YOU1.1Young, Spencer E.Scholarly community at the early univerity of Paris : theologians, education and society, 1215-1248da
2824BAK2.1Bakker, Paul J. J. M. (ed.)Averroes' natural philosophy and its reception in the latin westnu
2825ADA3.1Adamson, PeterIn the age of al-Fārābī: Arabic philosophy in the fourth/tenth centurynu
2826SCO2.1Scotus, MichaelLiber particularis, Liber physonomie da
2827GUT1.1Gutas, DimitriGreek philosophers in the Arabic tradition da
2828CRE1.1Crescas, Hasdai Light of the Lord da
2829RSPT2.1***Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiquesda
2830RSPT2.2***Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiquesda