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3676WIL6.1Willamowitz-Moellendorff, U.v.; Krimbacher, K.; Wackernagel, J.; Leo, Fr.; Norden, E.; Skutsch, F.Die griechische und lateinische Literatur und Spracheda
3677WIL1.1William of Saint AmourDe periculis novissimorum temporumda
3678WIL5.1Williams, DavidDeformed discourse. The function of the monster in mediaeval thought and literatureda
3679WIL2.1Wilpert, Paul (ed)Die Metaphysik im Mittelalterda
3680WIL4.1#2Wilson, Malcolm Structure and Method in Aristotle's Meteorologica. A More Disorderly Naturenu
3681WIL4.1#1Wilson, Malcolm Structure and Method in Aristotle's Meteorologica. A more disorderly Natureda
3682WIN2.1Windelband, Wilhelm Geschichte der Antiken Philosophieda
3683WIN1.1Winiarczyk, M. (ed.)Diagoras Melius et Theodorus Cyrenaeus reliqviaeda
3684WIT1.1Witt, Ronald G. The Two Latin Cultures and the Foundation of Renaissance Humanism in Medieval Italyda
3685WOH1.1Wohlman, AvitalThomas d'Aquin et Maïmonideda
3686WOO2.1Woodhouse, Christopher M.George Gemistos Plethon : the last of the Hellenesda
3687WOO1.1Woozley, A. D. LAW AND OBEDIENCE. The arguments of Plato`s Critoda
3688WRA1.1Wranovix, Matthew P.Priests and their books in late medieval Eichstätt. Parish priests and their booksda
3689WRI1.1Wriedt, Klaus Schule Und Universitat (Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance) (Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance)da
3690WUS1.1Wüsthof, Lucas Schwabenspiegel und Augsburger Stadtrecht da
3691WYS1.1Wyser, PaulThomas von Aquinda
3694XEN1.4XenophonInstitutio Cyrida
3695XEN1.5XenophonDe Re Equestrida
3696XEN1.1XenophonAnabase (Morceaux choisis)da
3697XEN1.6XenophontisExpeditio Cyrida
3698YEH1.2Yehudah ha-LeṿiThe Book of Kuzarida
3699YEH1.1Yĕhūdāh hal-LēwīDas Buch al-Chazari des Abû-L-Ḥasan Jehuda Hallewi da
3700YOU1.1Young, Spencer E.Scholarly community at the early univerity of Paris : theologians, education and society, 1215-1248da