Nr.Cota  AutorTitluDisponibil
3221SEX1.2.4Sextus EmpiricusOpera, vol. IVda
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3223SHA2.1Shapiro, HermanMotion, Time and Place according to William Ockhamda
3224SHA3.1Sharpe, Andrew N. Foucalt's Monsters and the Challenge of Lawda
3225SHI1.1Shimizu, T., Burnett, Ch. (eds.)The Word in Medieval Logic, Theology and Psychology, Acts SIEPM Kyotoda
3226SHO1.1.2H. V. ShoonerCodices Manuscripti Operum Thomae de Aquino, vol. IIda
3227SIC1.1 Siccard, PatriceHugues de Saint Victor et son ecoleda
3228SIG1.1Siger din BrabantQuaestiones in tertium De animada
3229SIG1.2Siger din Brabant; Maurer, ArmandQuaestiones in Metaphysicam- Reportation de Cambridgeda
3230SIG1.3Siger din Brabant; Dunprhy, WilliamQuaestiones in Metaphysicam- Reportation de Munichda