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2806COR1.3Corbin MichelLa doctrine augustinienne de la Trinité da
2807GAG2.1Gagarin, MichaelEarly Greek lawda
2808COX1.1Cox, Cheryl AnneHousehold interests : property, marriage strategies, and family dynamics in ancient Athensda
2809SER1.2 Serres, Michel Petite poucette da
2810MOR5.1Morris, IanWhy the West rules - for now: the patterns of history and what they reveal about the futureda
2811NEV1.1Nevett, Lisa C.House and society in the ancient Greek worldda
2812MOR6.1 Morris, ColinThe discovery of the individual, 1050-1200da
2813BOE4.1Boegehold, Alan L.; Scafuro, C. Adele (eds.)Athenian identity and civic ideologyda
2814GAG2.2Gagarin, Michael; Cohen, David (eds.)The Cambridge companion to ancient Greek lawda
2815ARN5.1 Arnzen, Rüdiger; Thielmann‎, ‬Jörn Words, texts and concepts cruising the Mediterranean Sea da