3761FUN1.2Funkenstein, AmosTheology and the scientific imagination from the Middle Ages to the seventeenth centuryda
3762EUC1.4EuclidThe thirteen books of Euclid's elements ; the works of Archimedes, including The Methods ; On conic sectionsda
3763AUR2.1Aurelius Prudentius ClemensCarminada
3764PAS1.2Pasnau, RobertThe Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Textsda
3765FIS4.1Fischer, John Martin God, Foreknowledge and Freedomda
3766PIE1.3Pieper, JosefScholasticism: Personalities and Problems of Medieval Philosophyda
3767PET7.1Peters, F.E.Aristotle and the Arabs: The Aristotelian Tradition in Islam da
3768PAL3.1.Palmén, Ritva Richard of St. Victor's theory of imaginationda
3769PAU4.2.1.8Paul of VeniceLogica Magna (I.8)da
3770KNO2.1Knowles, DavidThe Evolution of Medieval Thoughtda